Life insurance – Life insurance protects against premature death. The death benefits are passed on to your family members. It is also an ideal way to transfer assets to the next generation without the cumbersome probate process.

The term life insurance schemes we recommend provide a large life cover starting at a relatively low premium. However we also make sure that the insurance policies we recommend have a strong claim ratio.

We also recommend buying life insurance at an early stage of life. Not only does this mean that the premium will be lower but it also means that you are secured beforehand. Avail our services to secure your future.

Health Insurance – We understand your health requirements and then recommend a policy that is apt for you.

Hospital bills are skyrocketing. Taking a health insurance means that the insurance company will pay your bills. Another reason to undertake insurance is the increasing number of lifestyle diseases. Among the many benefits of taking health insurance are that you receive tax credits on your insurance premium. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act any individual undertaking a health insurance can avail tax benefits on the health insurance premium.

We also recommend taking a COVID cover health insurance as it has become the need of the hour.

Home Insurance – Choose a home insurance that provides the highest amount of coverage.

Take a home insurance to make sure that your house stands strong and provides protection. While property values are soaring, home insurance premiums are not that high.

Starting at a very low premium you can make sure to transfer the risk of any damages (natural or manmade) to the insurance company